Thank You Volunteers!

When we started meeting to discuss the upcoming centennial a year ago it seemed as though we had all the time in the world to plan the upcoming event. Now it feels like it’s right around the corner! We had a wish list of projects we wanted to see happen, but we didn’t know how to accomplish such a huge undertaking. Enter our wonderful volunteers.

The first priority was to figure out how to fund the weekend. John Hruby came up with the “Elusive Land Grab” and the idea took flight. Thanks to everyone who has supported the land grab. Your names will be on display for all to see that you’ve helped make the weekend a success. Thanks also to John and Bill Hruby for all their work in building the monument.


The second item on our wish list was to see the old school get a fresh coat of paint. Bill Hruby and Chuck Ballon volunteered to take on the project and what an impressive job they did. If you get a chance, drive by and take a look.

Another item on our list was the hope to remodel the old jail house. Doug Alm volunteered to lead this project and others provided the funding and materials. The jail now sports a new roof and it will get a fresh coat of paint. There are all kinds of interesting ideas of what to do on the inside so be sure to plan to stop by and take a look the weekend of the celebration. Doug also built a new sign which now stands on the Regan / 36 corner. Thank you Doug for all your work and thanks to the “crew” who helped set it up.

from L to R: Barney Strand, Jeremy Alm, Kayley Alm, Doug Alm, John Schneider, Otto Uhde and Jim McCullough

Also the wish to honor Don Ghylin was brought up at a meeting and Leo Goll and Kenny Mowder volunteered to provide a sign. It now stands on the east side of the school property. We think Don would be pleased.

We can’t express our appreciation enough to these people who saw a need and stepped in to help. We still have items on our “to do” list. If you’re interested in helping, contact Barney or Rose Strand or we would welcome you to our next centennial meeting. There are many others who have been involved in this project from the beginning. Hours of planning, research and organizing will all come together to provide a weekend to remember. Hope to see you there!


Please check back as we look for more help making this a successful centennial.


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